Welcome to the Mine. We dig special and unusual treasures.

Welcome to The Turquoise Mine.

Your source for authentic Native American and Artisan handmade gemstone jewelry.


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On our site you will find high-quality Native American Indian Jewelry along with unique handcrafted turquoise and gemstone jewelry treasures- adorned with red coral, sterling silver, lapis lazuli, amber, jet & spiney oyster shell - just to list a few.

We have a love for turquoise and one-of -a-kind treasures! For this reason we scour the Southwest Pueblos up through Northeast towns and all the long and winding roads within in search of the next treasure we can offer to you. 

Our American Indian jewelry  we offer is handcrafted by the American Southwest tribes; primarily being Navajo, Zuni, Santo Domingo & Hopi.  Artisans from each tribe have developed distinguishing skills throughout history. 

 Navajo jewelry is most prevalent throughout the jewelry trade - displaying superb silver work, stone cutting and stone setting.They use a wide variety of gemstones in their work including genuine turquoise, coral, spiney oyster shell, jet, amber, gaspeite & lapis; with also the emergence of non-traditional gemstones such as amethyst, peridot and carnelien.

The Zuni are famously known for their fine inlay work. Designs are typically of Zuni symbols (such as the sunface, thunderbird, and corn maidens) and their scenic and micro-inlay pieces are truly one-of-a-kind. 

The Santo Domingo craftsmen are highly regarded for their hand-rolled beadwork, artistically strung into multi-strand heishi-bead necklaces.  The design-patterns, use of myriad gemstone materials and smooth graduating discs is un-rivaled. 

Hopi indians are predominately metalsmiths, using sterling silver and gold in overlay designs.

Keep your eye open here of things to come because we do have some of our own treasures on the design table, but like with all handcrafted jewelry it takes time to create these special pieces.